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Re: Exhaust

I dont see why you couldnt use a mustang 3" downpie on your car,
It would be easy to modify a mustang exh. system to fit on a TC.
and I dont see why it would make a difference for the downpie if
your car is an auto or stick. the outlet of the turbo it still in the same place.
I put an exhaust system from a mustang onto a 86 cougar and it bolted right in!
I didnt have to modify anything.


MARTIN0660 wrote:

> Just called Borla, they want $589.43 (yeah thats US), plus 5-6 weeks for their
> cat back system for 87-88 Turbo Coupe (Automatic Only). Just thought someone
> may be interested.
> By the way, nobody in SW PA seems to be able to mandrel bend pipe. (New
> business opportunity?)
> Doe any vendors sell, or anybody have a 3" downpipe for 87 TC (Auto), getting
> tired of explaining what it is to people.
> Bob Myers
> martin0660@aol.com

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