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Re: Street Legal Drags

welp, i'll miss the bandimere drag, but I will be there for the Coy's drag...
Hey, did you know that That Mr. Coy guy doesnt even own Coy's anymore LOL..


Chris Roth wrote:

> Hello Colorado Racers!
> This weekend, Saturday, May 9th, is the Street Legal drags at Bandimere
> Speedway in Morrison.  This is the only Street Legal Drags this year except
> for Coy's Street Machine Showdown, June 14th.
> The race this Saturday is $25 to race or $8 to watch.
> Gates open at 8:30am.
> There are three classes of racing that apply to us:
>         Time only/Grudge - not much fun, IMO.
>         Street Comp- 14.00 and slower cars, DOT only tires.
>         Sportsman Comp - 13.99 and quicker cars, Slicks optional.
> Hope to see all of you there as I will be there in my Silver 86 SVO.
> Pass this message along to whoever would be interested.
> Chris Roth - Northern Colorado
> http://www.rothfam.com/svo

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