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Re: (no subject)

well, I figgured that to pressure would read lower on all of them, but if I
kept all the hoses the same legnth, at least I could compare the guages
enough to see which one was closest to my good aftermarket guage.
I had the car setup for 18 psi on my good guage, the connected all of them.
uder full boost they read...

good guage - 17psi
Svo guage #1 - 15psi
svo #2 - 18psi
svo#3 13psi.

I used the svo guage that read 18psi, not only was it closest to my
good guage, but it over read a hair (makes for a little margin of safety)
I know there are plenty of "better" ways to check boost guages, but
I was simply trying to compare the factory guages with a good boost guage.
When I get moved Back to the US I plan to use only the good guage for racing.
I just didnt want to leave my good guage in the car while it is being shipped
, it would be the
1st thing stolen LOL

Did any of that make any sense? ;-)

joseph edward morgan wrote:

> On Tue, 5 May 1998, Mark Peters wrote:
> > nope wasent asking about boost creep.
> > I hooked all 3 guages up at once along with my
> > good guiage and under full boost
> > thay all read different !
> > each guage had exactly the same amount of hose on it as well.
> You had 4 guages in your car simultaneously?!?!?  All hooked up to the
> same line?  Whoa. :)
> I'm not an engineer (but I play one on the internet), but I bet that there
> would be some pressure problems with that...how did you make the
> connections?
> Joe Morgan

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