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re:Street Legal Drags

does street legal mean you need cats?


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Sent by:Chris Roth <caroth@rothfam.com>
 Hello Colorado Racers!

This weekend, Saturday, May 9th, is the Street Legal drags at Bandimere
Speedway in Morrison.  This is the only Street Legal Drags this year except
for Coy's Street Machine Showdown, June 14th.

The race this Saturday is $25 to race or $8 to watch.  
Gates open at 8:30am.
There are three classes of racing that apply to us:
	Time only/Grudge - not much fun, IMO.
	Street Comp- 14.00 and slower cars, DOT only tires.
	Sportsman Comp - 13.99 and quicker cars, Slicks optional.

Hope to see all of you there as I will be there in my Silver 86 SVO.

Pass this message along to whoever would be interested.

Chris Roth - Northern Colorado