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RE: Tomorrow

>I was thinking of leaving from Ft. Collins around 8am which puts me at your
>house at around 8:45am.  Gates open at 8:30am and they should start letting
>people run about 9-9:30am or so.  I am driving down with the Nittos on the
>car so all I need to do is run through registered tech and head to the cool
>down area and race fuel area.

Sounds good.  I'll be ready by then.  If something goes wrong and I
haven't seen you by 9:30 I'll just leave...
>Is you wife planning on coming?  Heather has finals to study for and will
>not be coming to this event.

Nahhh, she's going to play with her pets.

>Cool, I thought they seemed kind of high, but I do not have the knowledge
>to figure out any of the rquation stuff.  I will leave that the the EE's!

Usually it's MEs that are really into this stuff. ;-)  Later...

	-- Carl