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I know no one wants to hear me bitch again. But i went to my exhaust
idiot and asked him to put the stock stick shift TC exhaust on my
automatic TC he said well that is a 2 and quarter y into a 2 inch
tailpipe. I asked if i could go bigger than 2 inch and he said no. Then
he quoted me 350 bucks. And told me that it is a waste to go any bigger
than what is on there I almost punched him in the chest. I told him that
guys have put mustang exhaust on t-birds and he went nuts. NO THAT DOES
NOT FIT!! They are totally different. Then he went on bout how if u put
a mustang next to a t-bird it aint the same thing. duh. I told him that
it's on the same chassis. then he went on bout different floorpans and
gas tanks. Then he went on to tell me i wouldn't get anything out of
bigger exhaust. I hate people. So where is the closest place i could get
at least a complete 2 and quarter dual exhaust system done at? I want 2
and half but that's pushing it i guess. I live in Illinois. So if anyone
could direct me to a place that will do either dual 2 and quarter or
dual 2 and half on an 88 TC i would really appreciate it. Or should i
just go buy that flexible exhaust stuff they sell at Trak Auto and make
my own? This really sucks and is so frustrating cause my car sounds like
shit. Once again i am sorry bout my bitching.