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re:exhaust Manifold

Thanks for the #. Yeah my bizzo friends didn't want to go up....it sucks not 
having a car.
What's you opinion of the ported manifold? 14.3@95 was that w/ slicks?


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Sent by:"Chris Roth" <caroth@rothfam.com>

I did not see you at the track so I assumed you could not make it.  
It was a nice day for racing.  I ran a couple of 14.3@95 runs with 
some nice traction!

Anyway, I dug out the receipt on the later exhaust manifold.  I 
bought mine from O'Meara in April of 97.  Ford Part# E3ZZ*9430*A, 
List $132.95, my cost $113.00 with tax it was $121.81  I know that 
the part number is an E5 or E6 on the actual manifold, but this is 
how ford references the part.  If you cannot get it cheap back east, 
let me know and I can get one for you.

Chris Roth - Northern Colorado