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re:exhaust Manifold

Wow $230's not bad at all. I was planning on having him port mine for 
me. He quoted me $142.00 just for the porting though. I was actaully thinking 
of eventually getting a lot of stuff from them. They seem to really know their 
stuff. Though their prices in general reflect their higher quality. I was 
going to have them do a few simple things like intake/exhuast manifold porting 
before I start sending them big buck checks. I just wish more people had first 
hand experience with them. Most of the people on the list are either too cheap 
or too stupid, it seems, to deal with these guys....yet I digress.
	I was kind of hoping eventually to by a 3" downpipe to cat into two 2 
1/2" pipes exhuast system from them, and maybe get my head reworked by 
them...But that will be a LONG time before I can throw $1400 into a head.


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Sent by:"Chris Roth" <caroth@rothfam.com>

> What's you opinion of the ported manifold? 14.3@95 was that w/ slicks?
The ported manifold did not do anything for me except for faster 
spool for off the line.  For overall HP, nothing.  I however already 
had the later manifold on before switching to the ported. I think it 
will really help out your car if it is ported.  By the way, Nick at 
Modern Performance ported mine and it was $230 including the new 
manifold.  Not bad in my opinion, I would have spent well over 3 
hours on it so it was worth it for me to buy Nick's manifold.

Yes the runs were with the Nitto Drag Radials.   They hook alot 
better in the heat of the day.

Chris Roth - Northern Colorado