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RE: TC intercooler

>From: 	Chris Roth[SMTP:caroth@rothfam.com]
>I got the intercooler back from the welder today. It looks pretty cool, I
>need to tap the ports for the water lines.  Where do you want the ports,
>Dead center of the tanks (upper and lower)?

Lower doesn't matter, the upper as high as possible to keep the air
(if there is one) as small as possible.
>I will clean up the welds and intercooler tonight.  Ihope to run over to
>school tomorrow to tap and bead blast the unit. Do you want me to paint it
>also?  I was thinking of a hot pink or lime green.  What do you think?

I about laughed out loud here at work reading that.  Black's fine...;-).

	-- Carl

P.S.  Oh yeah, so what did the welding work run?