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Re: Questions

gee chris thanks for a while i thoug i was a trouble maker.
the person with the most information wins, well not that i win on any thing
but i mean i read a lot on different automotive subjets for example i never
settle for what some one says i always find a book to confirm it, unles is
somenthing that can only be confirm by experience or actually doing it. i
dont have a trailler to take my pinto to the track to test it but sence i
dont have any thing in it other than old used junk yard parts i dont think
is worth going thats why i autocros the car is way more involved than drag
(i guess) because the suspention gets as much atention if not more than the
engine. my car's 77 pinto turbo charge engine svo block, early none d port
head ported by me, intake of 88 tc stock,fuel injected mustang gas tank cut
in half and turn around, isuzu ic w/force air from a excort ac aux. fan in
the front right fender, 88 vaf, thats it for the engine trany of a
86mustang the pinto shifter keep coming off(no fun) 92explorer aluminum
drive shaft, 85 tc rear end w/disk brakes from a mark7 to include abs
sensors mitsubishi 3000 gt rims front and rear, front disk brakes from a
granada 5 lug ones calipers from a 80 montecarlo,hot rod brake adapter
granada rotors, gm calipers on mustang 2 or pinto spindle also abs sensors
up front, by now you figure there is a abs computer and modulator some were
in this mess well they are there and work as advertize also a front to rear
proportioning valve.(one of my r&d projects). shocks are stock front and
rear, rear end sport a panhard bar, leaf springs dearch 2 inches to lower
the hole mess and mini truck leaf spring helpers they got to soft after the
dearching process, front springs one coil cut off. the car is completely
strip out of creature conforts doors guted i call them shells because all
is left is the outer skin car weigh with me in it 2432 i almost forget the
swaybar front stock and rear out of a mustang2 the front upper control arms
have being cut and shortened, front drag struts have being modify to use
heim bearing to allow fredom of movement energy suspentions bushings every
where in the front end, the car is a blast to drive i only can aford to go
and race it one time a month and since the place is so close by i flat
towed whit the svo stang.
the 85 svo mustang that i have was used and abused it had been stolen and
joy riden for 3 moths before the previous owner recovered and sold it to me
for $1250.00 ever since i got it i have been trying to bring it back to
shape and due to lack of funds i have had to do stuff to it so i can use it
as my daily driver, other than the tc ic and k&n cone airfilter the engine
is stock i had to replace the front koni struts that had none koni inserts
whit 88-87tc struts and shocks because the front left strut was colapsed, i
figured to try the hole setup from the tc and i like it and it got even
better when i put the strut actuators that adjust the ride from hard to
soft by flicking a switch inside the car this mod was done out of necesity
this one just happend along whit the colapse strut the front sway bar was
bent so tc to the rescue direct bolt on i put on the rear one too to keep
the car balance, after all this the car was still low on the front left if
guess bent cross menber or chasis you are wright after a halft inch spacer
under the front left swaybar chasis mount and some washers on the swaybar
upper link on the same side the svo rides proudly and balance. i just came
inside to cool down because is 105f outside and found your message
(questions) i am currently removing the rack and power steering pump on the
svo worn outer tie rods and the dounut on the sterring rod, i am fixing to
go outside and continue installing the parts from a 88 tc and up grade to
the serpentine belt design and pulleys from the same car and some abs
sensors and rotors from a mark7 to start a abs project on the svo stang.
igot to go other wise i am a talker and not a doer tell you later about the
79 capri rs turbo upgrade.

: From: Chris Roth <caroth@rothfam.com>
: To: mpe-7@worldnet.att.net
: Subject: Questions
: Date: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 12:46 PM
: Jaime,
: You seem to have all of the answers to alot of the lists questions.  I
: don't think I have ever seen a post as to what kind of car you have. 
: me some information about you like; your car(s) and mods, your best track
: times,etc...
: Thanks, it is always nice to have more people willing to contribute to
: list.
: Chris Roth - Northern Colorado
: http://www.rothfam.com/svo