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Re: Exhaust Manifold

Hi Chris, I'n In Denver! still want to meet up with you.
also, I still want the manifold. are you going to the RMMR
in steamboat?


Chris Roth wrote:

> Mark,
> It is the newer style E6... I will hold on to it for you.  By the
> way, I throw the older ones in the garbage.
> Chris
> > $20 sounds good, can you ahng onto it for me till I get up there?
> > I want one to Port... plus my current manifold is the original
> > "OLD" style that cracks. your used one are the newer style?(E6~newer?)
> Chris Roth - Northern Colorado
> http://www.rothfam.com/svo

Mark  Peters -Jacksonville FL/Denver CO- webmaster of The
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