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Hey everyone.  My name is Enrico I own an 84 svo and like Eric(FFASTSVO) I
also want to get to meet more of the 2.3 turbo crowed.  I want to
plan a date
to meet at the Pomona St. Legal events.  The Pomona St. Legal
events are held
at the Pomona fair grounds in CA.  On a professional drag strip
which holds
such events as the Winter Nationals.

The St. Legales are being held on the following days
June 27 and 28
July 4 and 5
Aug. 1 and 2
Sept. 5 and 6
Oct. 24 and 25

Gates Open at 7:00am
time trials begin at 9:00am
Tech inspection closes at 11:00am so if you to race be there
before 11:00am
The cost is $10 to race

For more information please reply back to me thanks for your time
and I hope
we can set a date at the drags.
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