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RE: Mailing list

I didn't mean all the old messages, just the evidence and facts
that came from them ;-).


>From: 	caroth@rothfam.com[SMTP:caroth@rothfam.com]
>Sent: 	Monday, June 29, 1998 5:37 PM
>To: 	Morris, Carl D
>Subject: 	RE: Mailing list
>>Two, the mailing list needs a corresponding web page for FAQs, etc.
>>Three the 2.3T world needs a good, easy to read place where everything
>>we've already beaten to death gets explained well, and can be referred
>>to from the list rather than rehashing everything over and over.  I
>>we've gotten a good start with our pages, but it could go quite a ways
>Well, let me know when you want me to forward all 15,000 messages from the
>mail servers over the last 18 months...:)
>Chris Roth - Northern Colorado