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Re: Intercooler

I am asking $185 which is break even for me on the intercooler and intake not
including freight and COD (if applicable). The intake just needs to be welded.
I though someone you know would want the same set up on their car or if
someone is looking on your web page, send them my way.

I am not sure on the exact Porsche intercooler dimensions.  It is a very nice
unit but I could not figure out a way to make it fit without welding new tanks
on the end.  It is about 17X14X2.25 with two paralell rows of large air tubes
(15 of them with no fins in the middles to slow down the air).  The air tubes
measure about .25.  The inlet/outlet is about 2 1/4.  It has 2.5 bar stamped
on the side, so I guess that is the maximum flow on it.  It will fit without
the A/C in the way facing straight down and the fan will have to go but that
is it.  It would be much like the Spearco setup and work just as well.   I
decided that I wanted to keep the A/C on my car, otherwise I wouldn't want to
drive it 3-4 months out of the year as it is really humid here.

Do you have the telephone number of the guy who has the used Spearco?

This guy was supposed to COD the 55mm throttle body to me but I have not heard
from him in about a week.  He said it is from a '90 5.0 and it bolts right on
to his Merkur (contrary to what you said).  I don't know if I trust this guy.
He is asking $35.

Talk to you later,

Ron Stein